by Rachael Keegan

I have long since been a Beyond Nine enthusiast and worn pieces from the brand quite a few years before becoming pregnant with my son. I think the first ever piece I got was the Savannah jumpsuit in black and white gingham, and I remember thinking how comfy and easy to wear it was! But throughout my pregnancy and postpartum Beyond Nine has become a go to brand for me, providing some key staples within my wardrobe.

Rachael wears Rust Stripe Mabel

The iconic linen Mabel trousers are my absolute faves and paired with the Esme top you’ve got yourself the perfect daily outfit (honestly, I pretty much have a set for every day of the week at this point since they come in so many great colour/ pattern options!) The first ones I got were the black linen I think and they still remain a favourite combo with the matching Esme top, particularly throughout this postpartum period when most of my time is just spent being Mama - feeding/changing/ cuddling/ walking/ going for coffees and lunches but I still want to feel put together and like ‘me’. The stretch waist means they’re extremely comfy and also work so well with an ever changing pregnant/ postpartum body. I have added various pairs to my collection over the years and the mega check have also been a recent postpartum fave to wear. I have just spotted the latest addition of the lovely rust gingham too - I am a woman obsessed! Also, at 5ft 11, my excitement is REAL for the longer length Mabel’s incoming very soon! Watch this space for some styling on those for all you fellow long-limbed ladies.

Rachael wears Esme and Mabel in Black Linen

Rachael wears the Mega Check Mabel 

The Coverall is a newer addition for me postpartum, but it’s such a great go-to when I want to be comfy and cool (read: always). It’s the perfect dress up/ dress down piece (when you’ve got an MOT service at 12, and drinks at 5..) and it’s also great for breast feeding with the popper buttons down the front - something I have to consider every morning when getting dressed at the moment. Although not really something you have to consider when opting for any Beyond Nine pieces as they always have you covered!

Rachael wears the Navy Coverall 

I find I can’t wear many dresses at the moment with them not usually being BF friendly, however with the Isabel dress being a wrap style it has a handy opening for easy breastfeeding access, and adjustable ties making it as secure as needed. AND it has pockets! Just saying. I love the comfort and loose style of this dress whilst it also looks really chic, and again (as with a lot of Beyond Nine pieces) works perfectly
come day or night.

Rachael wears Isabel in Black and White Micro Gingham

Then there are the days when you just want something to be 10/10 comfortable in - when I’m relaxing at home and having a cuddle with baby Blake or just running errands around the doors - the Laura is perfect for those days! It’s super soft for cuddling on the couch and also ideal for feeding in with the dropped armholes. As the legs are designed to be rolled, it has a little extra length in it which is actually perfect for me as is! Tall girl hot tip.

Rachael wears Laura in Black.

Finally, my latest Beyond Nine obsession are the Daisy linen trousers in black and stone micro gingham - such a good shape! I think I wore these every day for a week just after I got them so I can safely say they have been tried and tested for both style and comfort, and of course passed with flying colours on both accounts. They are my current uniform a lot of the time these days, usually paired with my Birkenstock Boston’s and either a tee or cute tie top, and they just slot into my wardrobe perfectly. I think I may need to invest in the black too because it seems once I find my Beyond Nine favourites, I simply can’t stop at one option! 

Rachael wears Micro Gingham Daisy

I don’t think my style has changed at all throughout my pregnancy or in my postpartum period now, and I’ve continued to dress and feel like myself throughout with a big thanks to Beyond Nine and their feel good garms’. As their name suggests, they are so much more than just pregnancy and postpartum and I’m sure I’ll be living in their coveted pieces for years to come.