About us

Over our lifetime, women’s bodies can go through some incredible changes. This is hardly new news.

But somehow it’s a reality that the clothing industry has chosen to ignore.

All over the world, clothes are bought, worn and thrown away. And with every change, every wardrobe update and glance in the mirror, it’s easy to feel that you’re somehow losing who you once were.

I started Beyond Nine to change this.

Through new jobs, old friends, boobs out, nights in, school runs, big meetings, small moments. Through three trimesters, four trimesters, a hundred trimesters.

When we stop making compromises, we feel better
in every way. Our clothes are easy, comfy and flexible. They can be dressed up or down. Loud or quiet. In or out.

They are for all women, not just mothers. And they’re for life.

x Naomi