By @AnghardJones

Here’s why I’m a fully fledged member. 

It was the beginning of Spring 2023 when Beyond Nine’s Mabel trousers first came into my life. A linen pair in khaki arrived at my door and, almost a year on, I can still remember putting them on for the first time. I can remember the comfort of the elasticated waistband that rested securely both high and low on the waist - no digging in, and no shifting about either. I can remember the silhouette the curved outer seam created, adding shape to my outfit and instantly elevating the simple black jumper I paired them with. And more importantly, I can remember how I felt in them: at ease, unrestricted and at home in a style that was very much me. 

My Khaki Linen Mabels 

I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a wardrobe-defining moment and since then, two more Mabels have joined my collection: One in natural linen that I wore on an almost-daily basis in summer and the other in black cupro that arrived just in time for party season over Christmas and New Year. I’m on good authority that they’re about to launch in premium cord too. I’ve got a spare hanger in my wardrobe ready and waiting. 

I’m not alone in my love for Mabel. Since Beyond Nine first graced us with these trousers in February 2022, over 6,000 pairs have been sold and, like me, over half of those customers have more than one pair. A scroll through the comments on a recent Beyond Nine Instagram post announcing the Mabels in rust and black stripe were about to be restocked says it all. “Did someone say ‘take my money’”, reads one. “Setting reminder immediately!”, says another. And there are more heart eyes emojis than I can count. Last time this particular style launched, they sold out in a cool four minutes. To say they’re iconic is an understatement. 

Nathalie Cachia wears the Rust Stripe Mabels 

So what is it exactly that has got us all buying multiple pairs and keeping an eagle eye on our inboxes for the next drop?

For me, it’s the design, the fit and the versatility all in one. Beyond Nine’s signature stretch waistband makes the trousers genuinely comfortable to wear, no matter what stage of womanhood you’re at. I know I can wear them at that time of the month when the bloat sets in, and they’ll still feel as good as on the days my body is feeling its best. I’m not pregnant but if and when that time comes, I know I’ll be able to wear my Mabels as maternity trousers, rather than having to compromise my style with pieces I don’t feel nearly as good in. 

@Madireimer wears the Navy Linen Mabels 

I love that the barrel leg shape instantly takes my outfit to the next level (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped in the street and complimented on my trousers whenever I’ve worn these). I love that they’re responsibly made in the UK from quality materials - and that I can put my linen Mabels in the washing machine. And I love that they’re the ultimate dress up or dress down trouser. 

I’ve worn mine with boots, trainers, sandals, barefoot on the beach, and when the occasion called for it, strappy heels. They’ve been paired with thick jumpers in winter, loose cotton swingy tops in summer and statement jackets for evening wear. Even on the coldest of January days I’ve made that linen and slinky cupro work - just pop a pair of leggings underneath and I’m good to go. 

@ahistoryofarchitecture wears the Natural Linen Mabels 

As for the rest of Mabel’s loyal fanbase of press, influencers and customers, it’s a mix of great design, comfort, and knowing they can reach for them whenever and wherever, that has placed the trousers firmly in their hearts. Content creator Kat Atkinson (aka @wearsitatkat), who’s currently pregnant and cites Mabel as her go-to maternity trousers, says: “You don’t feel like you’re compromising style for comfort. I have really struggled to find maternity wear that fits with my style at a time when I want to feel most ‘me’. I have worn them before pregnancy and I will certainly continue to long after.” 


@wearsitatkat wears the Rust Stripe Mabels 

An online customer review reads: “I’ve got three pairs and they are never not on my body. The stretchy waist, the deep pockets, the ankle grazing, the billowing hips. I just love them.” While another praises them for their confidence-boosting abilities: “I have endometriosis and I really struggle to find things I can wear that are comfy and allow for bloating/swelling and that also look stylish. This… has allowed me to feel like myself again, comfy and not self-conscious.” 

And the styling options? They’re endless. Just look at how these Beyond Niners, creators and all-round stylish women wear theirs. We’ve got minimal summer styling with the matching linen Esme or Sidney tops, tonal long-sleeved tops and colourful Mary Janes, fluffy winter jackets and lace-up boots, plenty of print clashes, and cosy layers galore. Because while so many of us own a pair, the best thing about Mabels is that we can be completely ourselves in them. 

From top left Mabel worn by @Gillian_loves_ @keely_busby @marla.ellis and @_winnieq_ 

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