It’s been a while since I’ve packed a hospital bag, especially as my third who is now 3 was born at home, but I still remember that exciting feeling of thinking about what needed to go into my hospital bag. In typical me and my husband fashion we left it pretty late, I think we even packed one of them once labour had started. I don’t recommend doing this, but if that’s your style I know you won’t listen to me anyway!



Here are the essentials that I packed in my hospital bag:


-   You need a nice big bag – our Billie bag would be great for this. Beyond Nine didn’t exist when I had my first 2, so I used a large linen tote. But now I would use the Billie bag, obvs.


-   A BIG bottle – labour is thirsty work, breastfeeding is thirsty work and they don’t half crank the heating up on those postnatal wards. You’re gonna need water! A bottle with a straw is great, this way your birth partner can feed it to you when your hands are full or your in full labour focus mode. I really rate these 


-   Earphones/speaker – make yourself a playlist. I still vividly remember listening to ‘Stay Gold’ by First Aid Kit when in labour with my eldest! Also, I did Hollie De Cruz’s hypnobirthing course  second time round, and her brilliant soothing affirmations were in my ear for most of my second birth. My births with my boys peaked at my second and I’m sure that Hollie had something to do with it.


-   Tablet - The same goes for being able to watch your favourite feelgood TV show when labour can be long – my third took his own sweet time to arrive so I watched nearly a whole series of Schitts Creek to keep me happy when I began getting frustrated.


-   Flip flops – for wearing in those hospital showers you don’t fancy having your bare feet in. I just took an old pair of Havianas, it doesn’t matter what they are as long as you’re happy to get them wet. Take yourself some nice gentle shower gel too.


-   A big comfy t-shirt you can labour in and/or wear after you’ve given birth. These night dresses are brilliant too – I gave birth to my second wearing one of these. And also wore them for breastfeeding in bed in the months afterwards.


-   Tens Machine – for me this was a non-negotiable – I was not getting into that birth pool because it meant I had to take it off! Not for everyone, but worked for me


-   All those postpartum essentials, like maternity pads  and nipple cream  Mum Bub Hub do some great disposable maternity knickers, great for those early days


-   Nappies! In teeny tiny newborn size!




-   Clothes to wear when it’s time to go home, for you and baby. Baby Mori and Organic Zoo do some beautiful newborn clothes. And of course you need something comfortable and quick to get on – depending on the season I would recommend our Poppy or Laura jumpsuit for this. Comfortable, no waistband, low crotch, easy to step into… all the things you need when you’ve just given birth. You might need two - one to wear into hospital and one to go home in ;-), and that way you’ll always have one to wear when the other is in the wash ;-)


  Hope you find this useful 

X Naomi