Our Bertie cardigan is an exclusive piece. She has hand drawn motifs designed in house by us, especially for you.  We drew each one by hand and worked closely with our knitwear technicians to develop the design into a knitwear pattern that would then be created on  intarsia knit machines. Each motif is inputted into a grid like system so that when it is knitted it creates the final motif shape.


Each motif has symbolism behind them, all representing motherhood. Bertie is a real labour of love. A one off that you won't see anywhere else - it's a total one off as this style will not be repeated. A cardigan to love and cherish for forever! 

Check out our design notes below.

Snake - rebirth and regeneration

The snake is seen in lots of cultures as a symbol of regeneration as it sheds its skin, providing growth. We like the connection between that and how a mother goes through a transformation and becomes a new version of herself after child birth.

Riding the waves - acknowledging that there are many waves to ride through motherhood, there will always be ups and downs. 


Bird - symbol of new life and opportunity

We liked the analogy between spreading your wings into motherhood and finding yourself


Sun, moon and stars

 We liked the connection with the phrase "you are my Sun, my Moon and Stars" 

The Sun represents power and energy from which life grows

The Moon represents femininity and intuition

The Stars represents guidance and direction

Check out the Bertie Cardigan and Avery Jumper. Both pieces are a one off drop. We hope you love.