Introducing Repairs to Your Door. So you can #liveinit for life. 

The jumpsuit you wear so much, it’s gotten a little ‘worn’ around the edges. The trousers you love but could do with being taken up an inch. The dress that’s seen you through pregnancy, breastfeeding, first days at nursery… and a hungry moth has now taken a shine to.

We want you to be able to love your clothes for a lifetime. To wear them whenever and wherever, for all stages of womanhood, and to pass them on to the next generation of Beyondniners. That’s why we’ve teamed up with SOJO, the platform championing longevity in fashion, whose expert tailors can seamlessly fix, alter or tweak any of your items from Beyond Nine. 

We are dedicated to working towards a more sustainable fashion future. In the UK, 13 million clothing items are sent to landfill every week. We live in a world where "make-use-waste" is the default. We are trying to change that, with the help of our tailoring partner, SOJO. By partnering with SOJO to provide alterations, we are working to reduce landfill and create a culture of care around our Beyond Nine pieces.

No more worrying about snags or accidental rips. Simply book your service with SOJO online, send your piece off, and wait for it to arrive back at your door. 

Let’s #liveinit a bit more.



What is SOJO?

SOJO is the online tailoring platform for people and fashion brands, working to create a more sustainable fashion future.

What services does SOJO offer?

We offer alterations on all our clothing items. When using the online booking flow, customers will be shown all our service options along with instructions on how to get the perfect fit (by matching, pinning or measuring). The SOJO team are able to answer any queries via email at, or via a free video consultation.

How much does it cost?

All prices per item and alteration are listed on the Beyond Nine X SOJO portal HERE.

Who will repair/alter my item?

The SOJO team is made up of a team of talented tailors with a variety of expertise and decades of experience. The SOJO tailors all work in-house at SOJO’s East London studio.

Where is SOJO based?

SOJO is based in East London, the heart of the city’s tailoring and textile industry.

Where is SOJO available?

SOJO’s services are available for all our UK customers. SOJO provides a door-to-door collection and delivery service in London and a postal service nationwide.

How long will it take?

SOJO has a speedy turnaround time of 7 days.

Does having my item altered by SOJO affect our return policy?

Once you have had your item altered, it will no longer be eligible for return via our policy, but SOJO are dedicated to making the fit work for you.