We spent some time with Maya on our winter shoot. We chatted to her about her current pregnancy, hyperemesis gravidarum and her upcoming plans for Just Another Mum Blog...
Tell us a little about yourself and your family?
We are currently a family of three, soon to be a family of four which we are so excited about. Currently there is myself, my partner Gus and our son Santino who is 13 months old.
Maya wears Dot Black
How long have you been running your blog?
Not long, only since September last year, so five months.
Why did you decide to start one?
My partner owns a Tech Recruitment Agency so the plan was I’d set up a Rec2Rec from home and work two days a week. We went to Mykonos just the two of us and as we were talking about it in more detail we soon realised there was no way in hell it was going to work and be feasible just two days a week and to be honest I was a bit over Recruitment. Gus then suggested I Blog because I love to write, I’m very opinionated and I had already started to be approached by Brands to work with them. A couple of weeks later we found out I was Pregnant so it actually all worked out perfectly in the end.
Maya wears Laura Charcoal
What sort of things can people find on your blog?
My Blog is predominately about honest Parenthood, although I do also Blog reviews on Beauty products and about Fashion and Lifestyle.
Your pregnant with your second, how has this pregnancy been?
This Pregnancy could not be more different to my last. Sonny was a dream, I had no sickness, tonnes of energy and a teeny bump. I did however put on three and a half stone because I basically ate everything in sight. This time around I have suffered badly from Hyperemesis Gravidarum for the first three and a half months which was exhausting and mentally debilitating. Also my bump is huge, but I do love having a bump!
Maya wears Dot Black
Do you have any advice/tips for anyone suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum?
Hang in there! Its honestly the worst thing I have been through as its mental as well as physical. I found the constant nausea worse than the actual sickness, despite being sick up to thirty times a day. Ask for help from anyone and everyone you can. Rest as much as possible, the more tired you are the worse your nausea gets. I really struggled with this as we have little help where we live and my partner owns a start up so works every hour under the sun. Eat whatever you can, even if its chips every day. Drink plenty of water as the sickness will dehydrate you. I found ice-lollies to be a lifesaver as they kept the nausea at bay but also were a great way of hydrating.
What exciting things have you got coming up for Just Another Mum Blog?
I have some really cool collabs coming up with some interesting Apps and Brands which I cant wait to work on and reveal more about. I also have some cool events I am planning with some other Bloggers and Brands. Its going to be a busy and exciting year!
Maya wears Blue Breton
As you’re embarking on your second pregnancy journey, what will be your wardrobe staples over the next few months?
Beyond Nine Jumpsuits of course and your new Breton Tops as they are frankly the softest thing I have ever worn! I also love the Body Bump which is a dress that can be work on its own or under things and that grows with your bump. It also doesn’t ride up which is great! This time around I am investing in pieces I can wear in the fourth trimester that are also breastfeeding friendly
Maya wears Black Dot
You can take a look at Maya's blog here