Jazmin is just one of those people that exudes cool - you know those women who make being cool look so effortless! She runs an fantastic blog all about kids and art, so we chatted to her to find out more about family life and how we can all get our kids involved...
Tell us a little about yourself and your family?
My name is Jazmin, I am a fashion communication student at Norwich university of the arts. I have two children Reuben, 4, a shy art obsessed kid who is forever wanting to create with the most amazing imagination from a previous relationship and Bowie, 3 months, an already sociable chatty baby with my partner Frazer who owns an art gallery Moosey Art in our home city Norwich. I run the blog Mini Moosey, my new venture and working progress.
Can you tell us a little more about your blog Mini Moosey?
I started Mini Moosey while I was pregnant with Bowie. It seemed like the next step on from my Instagram account as well as a creative outlet while I was not studying. The idea came about after me and Frazer were on the train back from London after meeting one of the artists we show at Moosey Art (Moosey Art is Frazer’s other love, an urban contemporary art dealership). Our family life revolves around art, Reuben spent a lot of time in the gallery, coming with us to exhibitions, as well as all the behind the senses; meeting artists and clients, helping package works to be sent out, checking out spaces for shows as well as setting them up & now Bowie being born into this life we lead.  
He took a natural interest in what we were doing, picking out his favourite works & reviewing exhibitions. He was my inspiration for the blog and then I just stole the Moosey name off Frazer {haha}. I also wanted it to provide a space that other parents to look to for confidence to take their kids to the exhibitions & galleries because these places are always looked at as an “adults” place.
When did Reuben start showing an interest in art?
I can’t really remember a time, I guess its always been there and that's why I haven’t noticed. Me & Reuben’s dad use to take him to art galleries regularly from newborn, in fact he took his first steps at the Sainburys Centre in Norfolk. As he has gotten older his interests have heightened, especially in creating art. He loves to recreate what he has seen in exhibition and recently a really keen interest in photography.
The art world can often feel very adult and sometimes exclusive. What can parents do to get their littles involved and enthused?
It really can be, but I think the main thing is trying to squash that fear. Try not to be afraid to take them along to exhibitions with you, I always remind Reuben “remember don’t touch the art work unless mummy says you can” and talk to them about what they are seeing. I always ask Reuben lots of questions “What can you see in this”, “How does this make you feel”. Sometimes he just really isn’t into it and that's okay, but we make it into a game where we follow the map that's inside the information booklet. Sculpture gardens are always a really good place to start, its out in the open, always my favourite. When we get home we draw and make our own art and create our own exhibitions. That's always fun.
Jazmin wears the Breton throughout