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  • Guppy Bag Guppy Bag
  • Guppy Bag Guppy Bag
  • Guppy Bag Guppy Bag
  • Guppy Bag Guppy Bag
  • Guppy Bag Guppy Bag
  • Guppy Bag Guppy Bag
  • Guppy Bag Guppy Bag
  • Guppy Bag Guppy Bag

Guppy Bag


The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag is a laundry bag designed to use with all textiles. It is proven to reduce microplastic waste entering our rivers and oceans and helps to stop microplastic pollution. It filters out the tiny microfibres released from textiles, making it super easy to dispose of after each wash. Simply discard the fibres in your household waste or plastic recycling bin! Not only are you doing your bit for the environment using the GUPPYFRIEND Wash Bag, it also helps to reduce fibre breakage, protects your garments and reduces general wear and tear.

Size: 50x74cm

Made from and packaged in fully recycled materials

Untreated 100% Polyamide

Made in Europe

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Care Instructions from GUPPYFRIEND
-Fill to about ⅔ full so that the textiles can easily move around in the bag.
-Add other (non-synthetic) garments or a second filled Guppyfriend to avoid imbalance in washing machine
-Wash at 40°c maximum
-Use liquid and natural detergents without synthetics
- Do not iron or tumble dry the GUPPYFRIEND bag
- Do not rinse the bag under running water as this will cause the remaining microfibres to enter the environment

ONE SIZE 50x74cm

Run to the shops in it • Dance in it • Roll down a hill in it • Grow a baby in it • Drive a tractor in it • Jump in it • Paint the walls in it • Have a meeting in it • Run in it • Do the worm in it • Build a fort in it • Feed the kids in it • Make a mess in it •
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