Lydia recently launched My Hypnobirth, offering private hypnobirthing classes across London and surrounding areas. After experiencing the powers of hypnobirthing first hand, we chatted to Lydia to find out more...

Tell us a little about yourself and your family?

This question is so easy yet it can seem so difficult to sum yourself up in words! My name is Lydia, I grew up in Brighton and I have been living in South London for over ten years now. I live with my husband Patrick, two children Rosie & Bax and we are excited (and all the other emotions that go with it!) to announce we are having another baby in June! I’m a trained KGHypnobirthing teacher and I’m driven to help women prepare for a positive, empowered birthing experience where they feel in the driving seat. I’m also guilty of being a bit of a birth bore if encouraged!

Lydia wears the Charcoal Dot

You’ve recently launched My Hypnobirth. Tell us a little more about it?

Yes I’m super excited to have launched My Hypnobirth and to now finally be able to offer my support to women so they can enjoy their pregnancy, not spend time worrying or dreading the birth and to set them up ‘for a better birth story’. With My Hypnobirth I am offering private one to one Hypnobirthing classes in London and the surrounding areas (just get in contact to find out of your area is covered and I will do my best!)

I think private Hypnobirthing classes work so well, because you can be completely open about your own personal worries about birth. If you have had a previous tough experience it can seem impossible that you could actually look forward to and even enjoy birth, but with Hypnobirthing you can. In a private class you have the time to talk about your previous experiences, which can be such an important part of moving on from them.

I would never say labour is a complete breeze! It’s an incredibly powerful experience, but painful and powerful are two very different things. With a My Hypnobirth course you can train for birth, look forward to it and you can actually enjoy it!

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Lydia wears the Charcoal Dot

Did your birth experiences shape your decision to start a Hypnobirthing business?

Absolutely!  I had two very contrasting labour experiences and that has given me so much belief that Hypnobirthing works. The difference it makes to your experience is huge.

I used to hear women tell stories similar to my first labour, and I just wanted to shout about Hypnobirthing to anyone that would listen. Birth is a very emotive subject and I know how difficult it can feel to hear about positive birth experiences when you found it all pretty traumatic.

With Hypnobirthing you learn to lose any fears, worries or anxiety you have about birth which, in turn, has a positive impact on your experience of giving birth – and if I managed to do that I can help you to do the same. You may actually feel that you are pretty confident about birth but even those little niggles that are below the surface can have a massive effect on your experience, and that’s what I love about Hypnobirthing  – it clears your head and gets rid of those worries, even the ones you didn’t know were there!

So yes, my experience of birth has fuelled my passion to launch My Hypnobirth and I believe women deserve so much better than what we are currently getting at the moment. My Hypnobirth will empower you to have the knowledge and confidence to focus on the birth you want.

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Lydia wears the Navy Laura and Red Breton

What would you say to anyone wondering whether to embark on a hypnobirthing course?

I’ll keep this answer short, absolutely DO IT! You will not regret investing your time and money to prepare for birth. Going with the flow is not a plan for a great birth experience, book a course and get yourself in training… to relax!

If you have anything you want to ask about the course or if you are undecided please just call to chat or drop me a text – I am more than happy to spend time talking things over. I also run taster sessions where you can find out more and enjoy a free session, so just drop me a message if you are interested!


What advice do you have for any mums preparing for the birth of their baby?

I think the main thing to do is to remember that this is your body, your baby and your birth, don’t underestimate the strength of your own intuition and the capabilities of your own body. It is very easy to just hand complete power over to your care providers as it can all seem very intimidating  and nerve-racking, especially if this is your first baby. It is much better to get informed and work together as a team. Birth is not something you need to be afraid of, giving birth is not always a ‘risky business’ and you can set yourself up for the best birth experience for you. Start to look at where your assumptions, worries or fears about birth come from, and start to look into positive stories.

Google some Hypnobirthing birth videos as a starting point so you can see there is a different way. It’s likely that the side of birth you have seen is from films and TV shows that are dramatic and scary. Once you start to look into calm, serene births it can be a real eye-opener as to what is possible.

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Lydia wears the Red Breton

We loved having you on our latest shoot! Tell us, how do you like to style your Beyond Nine jumpsuit?

I love the classic styling with a good Breton underneath and the new Beyond Nine one is perfect, as the fabric is beautiful and it’s got that laid back relaxed fit. I also enjoy teaming my jumpsuit with a sporty feel so I popped an Adidas top underneath! There’s nothing like feeling sporty when you’ve done absolutely no exercise! I pretty much always wear flats, so I’ll be wearing my jumpsuit with trainers! I’m looking forward to filling my Beyond Nine jumpsuit with a bit more baby bump and I’m pretty sure I will end up living in it!

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