Known for her bright colours and fun with fashion, Zoe aka Dress Like A Mum, did not disappoint on our collaboration. Here she tells us a bit more about the collaboration and what makes it special...
Dress Like A Mum in Beyond Nine Hottest Pink Boilersuit
You started Dress Like A Mum 5 years ago… what prompted you to start it? 
I started DLAM whilst I was on maternity leave with my second child - I started it for a few reasons - one was because I was fed up of people telling me that I didn't 'dress like a mum' and I wanted to show people that this dated perception of what mums should wear needed to change. I also started it as I wanted to help women understand and to get inspiration about what they could wear to breastfeed in and to remind busy women not to forget their love of clothes and style amidst the madness of child rearing.
Why did you chose to collaborate with Beyond Nine?
Throughout all of my pregnancies I was so surprised by the lack of interesting, fun, colourful, good quality, ethically and sustainably made maternity wear that you could wear after your bump has gone and that was breastfeeding friendly. It was like brands assumed that while you were pregnant you would want to wear boring, dull clothes and completely change your image. Anyway when Beyond Nine and I began talking about working together I realised that together we could do something about this and bring joy via a jumpsuit to many women's lives!
Beyond Nine is also a brand that I am full of admiration and respect for - they reflect my ethical and sustainable values as well as being innovative, cool and interesting. They have filled a gap in the market for maternity/ non maternity wear and I really believe in them.
Tell us about the Boilersuit and what makes it special? 
I love pink jumpsuits - I have quite a collection but I don't have one like this. The colour is amazing and it is SO so comfortable to wear. Naomi, Rachel and I have worked hard on the fit, design, colour and fabric making it work perfectly for both pregnant and non pregnant women. I am so excited to see women wearing it and loving it as much as we do.
How will you be wearing yours?
At the moment I think my favourite way to wear it is with trainers and a biker jacket but as the colder weather sets in I'll style it with a polo neck underneath and chunky boots. But then as soon as spring comes around again I'll roll up the legs and wear with sliders and sunglasses!

How do you want women to feel when they wear it?
The most important thing is that I want women to feel comfortable - if you do not feel comfortable in what you are wearing (whatever this may be) then your outfit won't look good and you won't feel it. But I also want women to feel cool, confident and fun - because fashion and clothes shouldn't ever be taken too seriously.